In my project “Delicate Heart Of An Artist” I used handmade paper, natural fiber and dry plants inlaid. For me every piece of art is born through artist’s heart and soul while the mind is just a servant. I believe that the delicate heart of an artist with its specific sensibility always knows the right path and for that reason I learn to trust it. Each seed of a creative idea that sprouted in artist’s heart could grow and flourish in magic blossoms if only it was treated with love. Showing  their art artists exhibit their hearts. For some people it is vulnerability, for others – courage to reveal their inner universe, to take down all barriers despite the risk. Just the way it is with love. Because in the process of creation as well as in love authenticity is needed, you have to embrace your fears to make them fade away, the wisdom of heart but not the rationality of mind is needed. You have to be in touch with that place within where true creativity, beauty and love arise.


paper heart 1


paper heart 2


paper heart 3


paper heart 4


paper heart 5


paper heart 6

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