Destroy - Create - Deform - Transform

In my project “Let the past go” I use images of my works printed on paper and destroyed mechanically and chemically. With thus treated paper I create collages. My idea is by using symbolic destruction of my Art, my Ego to transform them into something new, to some better Self. I believe that the artist should constantly make progress and search for the new. For this purpose however he/she has to get free from the old. In my opinion it is important for us to learn to let the past go and make room for the new which expects to happen. As the East philosophy said - “Empty your cup so that it may be filled”. I reckon that getting rid of the old models of behaviour and thinking we open our mind and create room for the development of our potential and for our improvement as persons and artists. So physically and chemically destroying the texture of the paper art prints I transform my old artworks into new getting free from a previous idea so that another, different and may be better one to be born.



 Maria Dryanovska, "Let the past go - Here and Now"



New Beginning

 Maria Dryanovska, "Let the past go - New Beginning"




 Maria Dryanovska, "Let the past go - Transformation"


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